It’s great that you are here. Below we’ve included some answers to frequently asked questions. Already keen? Head to our Getting Involved page for the best ways to connect in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are CDU Christians?

We are an affiliated student club on campus and part of a national network of Christian uni student groups called the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students. You can find out more about AFES here.

What do you believe?

We’re so glad you asked! You can find a list of some of our key beliefs here.

What do you do?

During semester we get together during the week to hang out, encourage one another and get to know God together by studying his word, the Bible. We do this at our main meeting on Friday nights (where we also share dinner) as well as in small groups and pairs at different times during the week.

At different times during semester we get together especially to talk to God, praying for each other, the campus and the world.

We also gather to be equipped and trained to serve others, share the good news about Jesus and dig into the Bible for ourselves.

Twice a year some of us go away for conferences together. Our local conference is Mid-Year Camp, when we go 45 minutes south of Darwin for a long-weekend in July. We usually also have a few people attend National Training Event each year when we get together with other Christian Uni groups from around Australia in Canberra for a week at the beginning of December.

You are welcome to come to as many or as few of our events as you like.

Are you a church?

No. There are a bunch of great churches in Darwin and CDU Christians isn’t a replacement for getting involved in a local church. CDU Christians includes people from a bunch of different churches and we partner with local churches to share Jesus with the university. If you are new to Darwin and looking for help finding a church, feel free to email us.

Why should I get involved in a Christian Student Group while I’m at uni? I’m already part of a church.

Uni is often a time when you’re thinking deeply about the world as you dig into study. It’s also a great opportunity to dig into God’s Word, the Bible. Being involved in the Christian student group can be an opportunity to explore Christianity and Jesus for yourself. It’s also a place where you can make friends and encourage one another in what it looks like to keep following Jesus Christ in a place where He is often dismissed. And it’s a great opportunity to be equipped to serve God’s people and share the good news of Jesus with others. There are unique challenges and opportunities while you are at uni. Being part of a Christian Uni Student Group will actually equip and encourage you to serve God and people wherever you are, whether that’s uni, home, church, the community or the workplace.

Do I have to be a Christian to come along to CDU Christians?

You don’t need to be a Christian to come to any of our events. We love having non-Christians as part of the group. CDU Christians can be a great way to investigate Christianity, find out what Christians are like and also a place to make friends on campus.

You’ll notice pretty quickly that we really love the Bible. It’s how we know what God is like and what life is about. Bible study is a big part of what we do in our regular meetings. But we try to make it accessible for people who don’t have a Christian background. We also try to leave opportunities for asking questions.

Do I have to be a CDU student to come along to CDU Christians?

No. The group is a mix of CDU students, distance students from other unis, VET students, English students, young workers and occasional year 12s. The Top End is isolated, our campus is small, lots of local churches only have a handful of young adults. While our primary purpose is to benefit and reach the uni campus, we love having non-students join us and we’re keen to support, serve and partner with the wider Darwin Christian community.

Do you have an international student group (ie. FOCUS)?

Because we are a small group, we don’t have a specific group tailored to international students. Our group is a big mix of international and local students. Occasionally, during semester, we will have events specifically tailored to international students.